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Mission Statement

The mission of the Carolyn Jane Foundation is to bring orthopaedic spine care to rural areas of need through advanced training of local providers, aided by the development and deployment of market-appropriate logistical and surgical systems.

About the Foundation

The Carolyn Jane Foundation, a 501(c)(3), was created in the spirit of Carolyn Jane Humphreys, a lifetime advocate of education, collaborative and sustainable development in underdeveloped regions, and empowerment through knowledge.

100% of the endowment and gifts advance the Carolyn Jane mission, through an all-volunteer clinical and administrative staff.  The foundation focuses on efficient and effective solutions to ease human suffering. 


The foundation believes that technology must complement teaching to support sustainable orthopaedic care, due to the complexity of the field.  To advance this mission, the foundation works in partnership with CURE International to develop sustainable spine care at their center in Kijabe, Kenya.   The foundation is also focused on providing medicine and community outreach in rural Alaska.  It is the intent of the foundation to deploy the Alaskan solutions across Africa, and the African developments in remote Alaska.


Today, access to basic orthopaedic care is a major factor preventing working people from earning a living or otherwise achieving hope and happiness.  Unaddressed orthopaedic problems deprive children of childhood and adults of living a fulfilled life.  In our modern health system, disability and dependence is epidemic, and in remote areas, an accident can mean life or death.  The Carolyn Jane Foundation brings hope to change these problems.


About Carolyn Jane

Carolyn Jane Humphreys had few resources yet transformed the lives of countless Alaskans.  As an elementary school teacher, she witnessed many young people caught in tenuous situations beyond their control. Carolyn Jane fundamentally believed everyone deserved a chance, and worked tirelessly to help anyone in her sphere.  Her focus was teaching vs. charity.  She helped develop federally-funded learning programs to reach the remote Alaskan village population, as well address cultural and literacy barriers ever present in the forgotten corners of Anchorage. 


On one hand, Carolyn Jane is the namesake to honor her role as a teacher elevating the rural populations.  On the other, it is the methodology of Carolyn Jane that makes the foundation possible. Elevating and supporting those who provide local care using the systematic, learning approach pioneered by Carolyn Jane can fundamentally change the health outlook of entire populations, in a way not economically viable through mission surgery alone. 


Carolyn Jane humbly worked to help others realize their own potential.  She worked with the underprivileged because we are all equal and God expects no less from us.



Rural Alaska and Africa are similar in many ways, with similar needs.  The Carolyn Jane Foundation strives to enable passionate health care workers, providers, philanthropists, and change agents to translate learnings and practices between two worlds.  These motivated people believe that the foundation will ultimately impact orthopaedic practice worldwide.

Call toAction

Are you interested in becoming part of the mission?

The Carolyn Jane Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Gifts are tax deductible.  100% of gifts advance the mission, with no administrative overhead.  If you would like to learn more about the foundation, please fill out the form below to contact a member of our team.  Give as little as $1, or make Carolyn Jane part of your estate plan and legacy, just as she made this part of hers.

Please send all written correspondence and donations to the following address:

Carolyn Jane Foundation

P.O. Box 3102

Soldotna, AK 99669

+1 423 505 4292

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